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Links: 4-17-2018

  • Career Development:  What It Really Means to be a Manager, Director, or VP | Kellblog
    Quote: "Managers are paid to drive results with some support. They have experience in the function, can take responsibility, but are still learning the job and will have questions and need support. They can execute the tactical plan for a project, but typically can’t make it. Directors are paid to drive results with little or no supervision (“set and forget”). Directors know how to do the job. They can make a project’s tactical plan in their sleep. They can work across the organization to get…
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  • Going from director to VP isn’t as easy as it seems | Financial Post
    Good list: 1) Must be thought of as an expert and trusted source in their area of influence; a technical master and authentic subject-matter expert 2) Contributes at the senior level by working across different strategic and business units in the company; able to set, engage and champion the objectives of the organization across the board and with their team, 3) Builds organizational capacity; motivates and challenges others in a way that inspires and promotes excellence. Leads and develops peop…
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Links: 4-12-2018

  • No, seriously. Root Cause is a Fallacy. – Will Gallego
    Quote: If you’re looking for a substitute for the phrase “root cause”, one that would typically allow for you to illustrate an important point without conceding that there’s a place to stop (beyond our finite limit to dig into everything), I use the following: Contributing factors Surrounding events One of many components Influencing ideas Conditions States"
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