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  • Stop Using the Word ‘We’ – Ted Dziuba
    Quote: The best part about working at a startup is that I’m free to suggest that yes, you fucked this up. Yes, it’s your fault, and yes, you need to fix it. Delegate! Don’t waste time listing out action items, spend time telling people what to do. Everyone you work with should be a grown up, and can handle it. The other side of that is owning up to your mistakes. Instead of "There is memory leak in the code, we should prioritize it over other defects", say, "I introduced a memory leak in the code. I am going to fix it as soon as possible."

    Anyway, I’m going to keep this up until somebody openly calls me an asshole. You should try it too. You don’t have to be a prick about it, just be assertive. Your co-workers will be impressed at your new found confidence. It might even get you laid.

    Well, probably not, but you won’t be wondering when a meeting is going to end if you grab it by the balls.
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