Links: 11-3-2020

  • The (Not Failing) New York Times — Mine Safety Disclosures
    Strategy: diagnosis (advertising is dead), guiding principle (journalism matters), coherent actions (clean up balance sheet, invest in content & tech, launch new revenue streams).
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  • Work on what matters | StaffEng
    Quote: "… the only viable long-term bet on your career is to do work that matters, work that develops you and to steer towards companies that value genuine expertise."
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  • How to waste your career, one comfortable year at a time – Valley Girl Newsletter
    Quote: "1) Accomplishment: Have I done anything noteworthy these last three months? 2) Impact: Would I write a line in my resume about the work I have done over these three months? Would I value this specific work experience if I was hiring for my own company? 3) Growth/Future alignment: Have I acquired valuable insights or skills? Are these skills aligned with my future goals? 4)Challenge: Have there been days when I was thinking about a work problem in the shower so profoundly that I forgot if I used the soap or not? 5) Community: Am I excited and happy to go to work every morning and see my teammates. Do I believe in the mission, vision, and leadership of this team or company? "
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