What I did this weekend: 11/09/2014

  • Starting / in the midst of selling off all of the “stuff” we acquired while we were here in the UK since we’re 18 days away from getting on a plane to fly back to Portland, drove into / around London on Saturday to drop off a chair to a coworker who wanted it but didn’t have a car big enough to pick it up and then went to the Crystal Palace Park which was 10 minutes away and was a place on Karen’s list because it has the Crystal Palace Dinosaur Park and also turned out to have a mini-farm. Fun. Found 2 geocaches, couldn’t find another. BTW, driving in / around London is HORRIBLE, do not recommend.
  • Spent today (Sunday) getting the yard prepped which including mowing, weeds, leaves, sticks and anything else that needed cleaning up, then did a 5m run (good, not great, heart rate was up there but I felt good for the entire run) and then did dinner at Handmade Burger Company followed by ice cream at a new franchise thing called “Creams Cafe” in Reading, which seems like a place that’ll be out of business in a year but we had a good time. Family meeting night in the car and then family videos. Good weekend.

Links: 11-3-2014

  • On Kindness — Matter — Medium
    Quote: "We seem to reserve a special rage in this world for those whose ability to be unafraid in pursuit of something new extends beyond our own. We begrudge them their strange friends and strange experiences under the guise that we find those things to be dangerous or unclean. But really we resent those people because their courage reminds us of how common and terrified we feel inside. Bravery is a virtue people revere in dead soldiers and then turn to disparage in someone extending her hand to a weirdo."
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What I did this weekend: 11/02/2014

  • Saturday I mixed up some onions, yellow peppers and potatoes for breakfast with a fried egg (yummy) and then took the vikings to a National Trust house called Newark Park which was unremarkable except for the 7 geocaches we found (they did a really nice job with this) and then had a scrumptious English dinner at Costco, because cheap food on the way home.
  • Made pancakes and berries for breakfast, the vikings played for a couple hours after breakfast while Mommy and I made my favorite thing to make on Sundays (at least this year) and then we drove out to Goring (quick drive) and had a really nice walk along the Thames, finding 3 geocaches along the way (and our first Travel Bug!) and then had a nice lunch at a small cafe (Boat House Deli & Cafe) on the river before heading home. I got my long (only 4 miles since I’m building back up after hurting my calf a couple weeks ago) run in at night.