What I did this weekend: 11/02/2014

  • Saturday I mixed up some onions, yellow peppers and potatoes for breakfast with a fried egg (yummy) and then took the vikings to a National Trust house called Newark Park which was unremarkable except for the 7 geocaches we found (they did a really nice job with this) and then had a scrumptious English dinner at Costco, because cheap food on the way home.
  • Made pancakes and berries for breakfast, the vikings played for a couple hours after breakfast while Mommy and I made my favorite thing to make on Sundays (at least this year) and then we drove out to Goring (quick drive) and had a really nice walk along the Thames, finding 3 geocaches along the way (and our first Travel Bug!) and then had a nice lunch at a small cafe (Boat House Deli & Cafe) on the river before heading home. I got my long (only 4 miles since I’m building back up after hurting my calf a couple weeks ago) run in at night.

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