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  • ongoing by Tim Bray · HTML5 and the Web
    Quote: "HTML5 promises to broaden the class of application problems you can solve with HTML, providing a good user experience while saving time and money. But that’s all; it’s not better because it’s “Web Technology”, it’s better because it’s better.

    Except when it isn’t. Right now, there are certain classes of applications, particularly on mobile devices, where you’re going to get a better result by building a native app. Maybe even by building two or three native apps, for iPhone and Android and webOS. This is entirely orthogonal to the “Webbiness” (or not) of the technologies.

    And another point: building a really hot HTML5 application that takes advantage of the nice new features is not exactly easy. Even assuming that you’re using one of the dozens of clever toolkits, it’s still not a slam-dunk. In fact, compared to the level of support and tooling you get from XCode on the Apple side or the various pieces of Android IDE-ware, HTML5 development is a major pain in the ass."
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  • My Obsession With The Product
    Quote: "The great companies that I’ve been an investor in share a common trait – the founder/CEO is obsessed with the product. Not interested, not aware of, not familiar with, but obsessed. Every discussion trends back toward the product. All of the conversations about customer are really about how the customer uses the product and the value the product brings the customer. The majority of the early teams are focused entirely on the product, including the non-engineering people. Product, product, product."
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  • Fraser Speirs – Blog – Back In
    Quote: "iPhone OS is the first mass-market operating system where consumers are no longer afraid to install software on their computers (I’m not counting read-only media software platforms like games consoles here). In a conversation recently, a friend recounted a scene that he passed by in an airport. Four fifty-something women were sitting at a cafe table discussing the latest apps they had downloaded on their iPod touches. New software can’t break your iPhone OS device and, if you don’t like it, total removal is only a couple of taps away."
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