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  • The Web Is Working Harder For Me
    Quote: "For example, as part of my morning information routine, I go through my Gist dashboard. This is a list of all the new information that Gist has found from a wide variety of data sources about people and companies in my social network. It derives the social network from my email inbox, integrates it with my Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter social graphs, and then presents it to me in a way that is prioritized by what it thinks I find most interesting. The level of relevance to me is amazing now that I’ve had it running for a few months."
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  • Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life – RSS readers modeled after email clients are fundamentally broken
    The problem is that the RSS readers I use regularly, Google Reader and RSS Bandit, take their inspiration from email clients which is the wrong model for consuming casual content like blogs. Whenever I fire up an email application like Outlook or Hotmail it presents me with a list of tasks I must complete in the form of messages that need responses, work items, meeting invitations, spam that needs to deleting, notifications related to commercial/financial transactions that I need to be aware of and so on. Reading email is a chore where you are constantly taunted by the BOLD unread messages indicator silently nagging you about the stuff you haven’t done yet.
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