What I did this weekend: 11/09/2014

  • Starting / in the midst of selling off all of the “stuff” we acquired while we were here in the UK since we’re 18 days away from getting on a plane to fly back to Portland, drove into / around London on Saturday to drop off a chair to a coworker who wanted it but didn’t have a car big enough to pick it up and then went to the Crystal Palace Park which was 10 minutes away and was a place on Karen’s list because it has the Crystal Palace Dinosaur Park and also turned out to have a mini-farm. Fun. Found 2 geocaches, couldn’t find another. BTW, driving in / around London is HORRIBLE, do not recommend.
  • Spent today (Sunday) getting the yard prepped which including mowing, weeds, leaves, sticks and anything else that needed cleaning up, then did a 5m run (good, not great, heart rate was up there but I felt good for the entire run) and then did dinner at Handmade Burger Company followed by ice cream at a new franchise thing called “Creams Cafe” in Reading, which seems like a place that’ll be out of business in a year but we had a good time. Family meeting night in the car and then family videos. Good weekend.

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