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XSL / CSS Processing Instructions using ROME

Have you seen the way that the smart guys at FeedBurner display RSS feeds in a browser (here’s a sample if you haven’t)? If you’re like me, the first time you see a feed they manage, you’ll probably think that … Continue reading

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Links: 8-26-2006

Techcrunch » Blog Archive » FeedCrier, another way to act fast with RSS and IM Should be trivial to do something like this with RomeFetcher and Wildfire. (categories: atom rss im feeds wildfire rome )

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Hacking WebWork Result Types: Freemarker to HTML to JavaScript

I threw all of my past experience with Struts out the window when I started my new job because we use WebWork. WebWork is approximately one thousand times better though so I’m not complaining. One of the unique to WebWork … Continue reading

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Links: 8-24-2006

Jive’s Open Source Corporate IM Solution – First Look – ebizQ Matt was recently interviewed by ebiz, this is the resulting podcast. They talk about open source and enterprise IM. (categories: podcasts IM jive enterprise opensource )

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Links: 8-21-2006

Chart Demo (WebFX) Create rich charts in the browser, no server necessary. (categories: graphing canvas visualization graph chart charting )

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JSON: Making Content Syndication easier

At work we’ve been having some discussions about sharing content between two websites: the natural first option was an XML solution, in this case RSS. Site A would subscribe to the RSS feeds of the site B, periodically retrieving the … Continue reading

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Links: 8-17-2006 – Explore your world through everyone’s eyes Pretty cool way to explore flickr photos… Here’s Portland… (categories: portland flickr community )

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Links: 8-15-2006

Significant Blogger Upgrade – Freshblog Blogger gets some new features.. (categories: blogger blogging blogs google ) Writer Zone Congrats to the Onfolio guys! (categories: blogging blogs client microsoft onfolio tools writing )

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Links: 8-12-2006

Internationalization/plural forms – Who knew that there were 19 different ways to format plurals? (categories: i18n internationalization plural plurals ) Free Geek: Community Technology Center I dropped off a couple old PCs that I wasn’t using a couple weeks back. … Continue reading

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Links: 8-11-2006

[that was aaronland] 2006 The timeline mashup applied to blog posts… so obvious in retrospect. (categories: ajax blogs mashed timeline ) the show with zefrank – 08-10-06 Quote: “… leveraging our inability to understand risk.” (categories: quotes terrorism )

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