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Hibernate ‘SELECT DISTINCT’ Question

Here’s an interesting problem for you Hibernate freaks out there. I have two classes: Order and OrderItem where OrderItem has a property ‘orderid’. I need to write a query that returns all the distinct orders that match criteria ‘b’, where … Continue reading

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Pretty URL’s and Tapestry

User friendly URL’s are a personal pet peeve. The last couple consumer focused web applications I’ve written using Struts used a servlet filter to effective rewrite the URL from something like /articles/pets to /do/articles/pets or /articles/ This same pet peeve … Continue reading

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On a personal note…

The activity around here has been pretty slow lately because a) we closed on a house in southern Massachusetts on July 7th (pictures from inspection day), b) one week later our Tivo Series 2 arrived from Amazon and then one … Continue reading

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SD Times on Hibernate

Allen Holub from SD Times wrote a flattering article on Hibernate in this month’s magazine. He thinks that the “.. main strength of Hibernate is its ease of use.” I’m not sure I want to work on a project involving … Continue reading

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SQL Server 2000 Driver for JDBC: Connection reset by peer

If you’re using the SQL Server 2000 Driver for JDBC and Commons DBCP and you either you see this error in your logs: java.sql.SQLException: [Microsoft][SQLServer 2000 Driver for JDBC]Connection reset by peer: socket write error and / or your application … Continue reading

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ebay web services talk by Jeffrey McManus

A couple weeks ago I attended the Boston .NET User Group to hear Jeffrey McManus give a talk on how ebay is using web services. I took a bunch of notes during his presentation, which I’m putting up here semi-edited. … Continue reading

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Doug Cutting has a blog

Doug Cutting, the creator of Lucene, started a blog a couple months ago. Looks like he’s looking for some people for high profile Lucene work too.

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jSearch 1.1

Spent some time this last week making some minor updates to the jSearch codebase. Along the way I decided to get creative and rename it. So jSearch is now called karakoram, after the mountain range that saddles Pakistan and China. … Continue reading

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Rendezvous and Java example

Lots of talk right now about Apple and it’s releasing of Rendezvous (Matt #1, Matt #2, Ted, Marc, Sam) into the wild. I downloaded the Windows Preview and extracted the SDK and was able to get minimally interesting things up … Continue reading

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IIS SSL Diagnostics Tool

I wish troubleshooting all Microsoft products was this easy. Download the SSL Diagnostics Tool from, install and you get a nice GUI that runs a test against each website you have setup in IIS, letting you know if any … Continue reading

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