jSearch 1.1

Spent some time this last week making some minor updates to the jSearch codebase. Along the way I decided to get creative and rename it. So jSearch is now called karakoram, after the mountain range that saddles Pakistan and China. The updates include:

  • modified JSP templates to use Struts <html:img /> and <html:image /> tags instead of hardcoding the context into the templates
  • added Hibernate xdoclet tags to automate DDL export and Hibernate mapping and config document creation. Basically I updated the four core objects in karakoram, embedding the Hibernate xdoclet tags so that Ant can automatically create an installation.sql file, the four Hibernate mapping files, and the master Hibernate configuration file (hibernate.cfg.xml).
  • updated hibernate.cfg.xml to run off of a JNDI configured datasource instead of a datasource configured in hibernate.cfg.xml (personal preference: I find that it’s easier to configure the application once in server.xml and then deploy the application without worrying about the datasource configuration)

I’ll post updated installation instructions when I have a chance tomorrow, in the meantime you can download the latest war file by visiting the karakoram homepage.

5 thoughts on “jSearch 1.1”

  1. I am interested to hear if there is ever a possiblity that you will make the source available. Perhaps just to certain people so they could contribute? 😉

    Awesome work on karakoram!

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