Rendezvous and Java example

Lots of talk right now about Apple and it’s releasing of Rendezvous (Matt #1, Matt #2, Ted, Marc, Sam) into the wild. I downloaded the Windows Preview and extracted the SDK and was able to get minimally interesting things up and running very easily using Java. Below is a simple class that implements the BrowseListener interface and has utility methods for finding iTunes (protocol = DAAP), HTTP Servers (protocol = HTTP) and printers (protocol = LPR).

// class that implements the BrowseListenr interface
public class TestBrowseListener implements BrowseListener {
 DNSSDService myBrowser = null;
 public void serviceFound(DNSSDService browser, int flags, int ifIndex,
  String serviceName, String regType, String domain) {
  // do stuff when a service is found
  System.out.println("Service Found\n");

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