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Links: 12-1-2005

  • SwitchTower: Automating Application Deployment
    SwitchTower is a standalone utility that can also integrate nicely with Rails. You simply provide SwitchTower with a deployment recipe that describes your various servers and their roles, and voila! You magically have single-command deployment. It …
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  • RDT – Ruby Development Tools: Welcome
    RDT is an open source Ruby IDE for the Eclipse platform. Features supported are syntax highlighting, on the fly syntax check, graphical outline, Test::Unit view/runner, Ruby application launching, content assist, source formatter, and a Ruby debugger.
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Ruby on Rails in the Java community

Couple of months ago I attended the No Fluff Just Stuff conference up in Framingham, I took a bunch of notes which I intented to post to this blog, but never got around to it. The conference tag line is “The best value in the Java / Open Source conferencing space hands down” and I’d have to agree, although the emphasis on Ruby on Rails was surprising. Turns out that a number of the speakers who make their living consulting and writing books about Java have taken up Ruby on Rails and so maybe 25% of the sessions were about Ruby on Rails (the session by Dave Thomas was maybe one of the best conference sessions I’ve ever been too). I guess all this is to say that it’s not a surprise that the next ACM WebTech group meeting in Waltham is going to be about Ruby on Rails.