Links: 11-5-2013

  • The secrets of the world’s happiest cities | Society | The Guardian
    Quote: "… sometimes, he said, he would pick up his three-year-old son from nursery and put him on the back seat of his tandem bike and they would pedal home along the South Saskatchewan river. The snow would muffle the noise of the city. Dusk would paint the sky in colours so exquisite that Judge could not begin to find names for them. The snow would reflect those hues. It would glow like the sky, and Judge would breathe in the cold air and hear his son breathing behind him, and he would feel as though together they had become part of winter itself." Lovely.
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    1. doing good dude! Actually moving to the UK for a year on 12/14 with my work and we adopted a couple dudes, now up to three rugrats in the house.

      Howz life for you my friend?

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