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  • sbdc » Time, and the managing there of
    Quote: "I thought it was noteworthy that in Max’s conversation he commented that in some professions there is a time when work is actually done. When you finish X that’s all there is for the day. When I worked as a professional graphic designer in the 90’s that was often the case – I’d have done everything I could and next steps were waiting on something from someone else so I could call it a day. But now, with the web, and social sites, and constant email there is never an end. There is always a flow of new things to do, so unless you consciously decide that you are going to put it down and do something else for X hours a day, you won’t. And before you know it you’ll be dead and will have wasted your life chasing likes on Facebook. Fuck that".
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  • Office, messaging and verbs — Benedict Evans
    Lots of great stuff in here, excerpt: "Just as today we make web app copies of software models conceived for the floppy disk, so the first PCs were often used to type up memos that were then printed out and sent though internal mail. It took time for email to replace internal mail and even longer for people to stop emailing Word files as attachments. Equally, we went from typing expense forms (with carbon copies) to entering them into a Word doc version of the form, to a dedicated Windows app that looked just like the form, to a web page that looked just like the form – and then, suddenly, someone worked out that maybe you should just take a photo of the receipt. It takes time, but sooner or later we stop replicating the old methods with the new tools and find new methods to fit the new tools.   Hence, channeling Marshall McLuhan, new tools start out being made to fit the existing workflows, but over time the workflows change to fit the tools."
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  • The Web We Have to Save — Matter — Medium
    Quote: "The web was not envisioned as a form of television when it was invented. But, like it or not, it is rapidly resembling TV: linear, passive, programmed and inward-looking."
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  • Futures of text | Whoops by Jonathan Libov
    Excerpted excerpt: "Text is the most socially useful communication technology. It works well in 1:1, 1:N, and M:N modes. It can be indexed and searched efficiently, even by hand. It can be translated. It can be produced and consumed at variable speeds. It is asynchronous. It can be compared, diffed, clustered, corrected, summarized and filtered algorithmically. It permits multiparty editing. It permits branching conversations, lurking, annotation, quoting, reviewing, summarizing, structured responses, exegesis, even fan fic. The breadth, scale and depth of ways people use text is unmatched by anything."
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  • "General Orders for Sentries" as perhaps the finest operations document of all time – SEBASTIAN MARSHALL
    Interesting ops stuff.
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What I did this weekend: 05/31/2015

  • Saturday: last spring soccer game of the year for the oldest, then packed up the car with camping gear for a Scouting camping overnight at Beaver Campground in Washington, which doesn’t look like much but was a ton of fun for the ten or so boys who came. Dinner was baked ziti in the dutch oven
  • (customized with kale and bok choy) followed by the same berry cobbler we made last weekend, again in the dutch oven. There’s a river within 100 yards of the campground which was super painful to navigate without shoes on but all the boys somehow made it to the other side and spent a good couple hours throwing rocks in the water and acting like they owned the place.

  • Sunday: Bright and early start (little dude woke up at 5:50am), got the charcoal going in the dutch oven, Karen had all the ingredients prepared for banana walnut upside down french toast, minus the walnuts, which was epic. Boys did another couple hours by the river, lost a couple shoes but no major or minor injuries beyond the teeth chattering. We got packed up and on the way back stopped at Bridge of the Gods, where we had a nice little lunch at Char Burger and bought a 14 pound salmon from Northwest Fish Hogs which Karen then carved up last night. Great weekend!

Now with 50% less caffeine!