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I hate my mouse, I love ALT-TAB in Windows, Homesite gives you CTRL-TAB to effectively switch between open files but I couldn’t figure out a way to the do the same thing in Eclipse. Turns out Eclipse functions more like IE in that each file you view becomes part of your viewing ‘history’. To switch between files, you can use ALT-LEFT ARROW or ALT-RIGHT ARROW just like you can in Internet Explorer to go BACK and FORWARD. Nifty.

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  1. I love that feature (Ctrl+Tab, Ctrl+F6 is too clumsy) too, so I just overloaded it in Eclipse:

    Window -> Preferences -> Workbench -> Keys -> Window -> Next Editor

    Similar for ‘Previous Editor’

  2. Me too – thanks! (Why on Earth do they map it by default to CTRL-F6?? It’s not exactly handy for the most common window operation…)

  3. Stumbled upon this blog while looking for comprehensive keyboard binding table for Eclipse. Ctrl+PgUp/PgDn changes focus to previous/next editor respectively..

  4. In my version of eclipse I had ‘General’ rather than ‘Workbench’ (maybe it’s because I’m using the Sonic Workbench, which is built on eclipse):
    Window -> Preferences -> General -> Keys -> Window -> Next Editor

  5. You can set it also.
    Window->Preferences->General->Keys and select “Next Editor”.
    Now select the text in “Binding” textbox using mouse and do right Click and “Cut”. Now the Binding box would be blank.
    Now, press CTRL key and Tab togather and press “OK”.

  6. thank you, I was really getting pissed about hitting ctrl-tab repeately and nothing happended đŸ™‚
    WHY do the eclipse team not use a key probably a lot of users are used to

  7. I’ve bound ctrl+tab to the ‘next editor’ function in eclipse, but still not totally satisfied.
    when i release the ctrl button it doesn’t switch to the editor i’ve selected until I hit enter… sooo annoying… I wish I didn’t have to hit ENTER after ctrl+tab’ing through my list of open files… blah

  8. for me alt + arrow also opened the last file i’v already closed so i found that if I press
    ctrl+shift+tab now underline added to the tab . After that you can just press shift + left arrow or right arrow and this will do the work perfectly.

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