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  • Stop Crashing Planes: Charlie Munger’s Six-Element System
    Quote: "We would argue that practical worldly wisdom falls into a few major buckets — these act as the closest proxy of the fixed/knowable rules we discussed above: Numeracy. The ability to understand and think in numbers and properly quantify. This would included a basic understanding of statistics and its limitations, of probability thinking and its limitations, and basic numerical and quantitative thinking applied to the real world. Human nature. The ability to understand the true nature of …
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  • How to Provide Great Feedback When You’re Not In Charge
    Quote: "There are at least three different kinds of feedback that may be appropriate in a given situation: APPRECIATION is expression of gratitude or approval of another’s effort. It is an expression of emotion, designed to meet an emotional need. ADVICE (or COACHING) consists of suggestions about particular behavior that should be repeated or changed. It focuses on the performance, rather than judging the person. EVALUATION is ranking the subject’s performance in relation to that of others or…
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