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Links: 9-26-2007

Joyeur: Quick wins with MySQL MySQL performance optimizations. (categories: mysql performance optimization sysadmin tips tuning ) BestPractices – Atom Wiki A list of best practices for Atom documents. (categories: atom bestpractice feeds syndication ) Top 10 Food Books Every Chef … Continue reading

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Links: 9-25-2007

Bug Report: innerHTML and text normalization If you grab the innerHTML from a pre or textarea element in IE you don’t get formatting back like you should. Awesome (categories: iesucksballs ie7 ie6 innerhtml javascript dom ) Coupon codes for thousands … Continue reading

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Fun with Supporting Multiple Databases

In my day job over at Jive Software I get to work on the crazy cool Clearspace product and unless you’ve been reading the system requirements lately, you probably didn’t notice that we support six different database platforms: MySQL, Oracle, … Continue reading

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Links: 9-21-2007

BofA: Small Business Community ClearspaceX powers the Bank of America Small Business Community site. Stories = wiki documents, Experts = blogs, Forums = Discussion forums. (categories: clearspacex clearspace community bankofamerica smallbusiness )

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Links: 9-18-2007

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents : Facebook Considered Harmless Quote: “…what most people were really looking for?or at least, what most people have responded to since such things became available?were web gizmos as easy as farting and as addictive as cigarettes.” (categories: … Continue reading

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Links: 9-17-2007

Campaign Monitor Store Nerdy email marketing t-shirts. (categories: email marketing tshirts t-shirts ) mySQL DBA: The mySQL Optimizer and your applications Quote: “…the mySQL Optimizer… sucks in every version that I tested, which is 3.23 4.0 4.1 5.0 5.1.” (categories: … Continue reading

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Using ROME to get the body / summary of an item

I’ve been using ROME for a couple years now and I’m still learning new things. Today I was working on an issue in Clearspace where we give users the ability to show RSS / Atom feeds in a widget, optionally … Continue reading

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Finding the number of files of a certain file type that a process has open

Used this week when trying to debug a problem with an application that was resulting in errors that said “too many files open”: /usr/sbin/lsof -p $processID | grep .$ext | wc -l where $processID is the ID of the process … Continue reading

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Links: 9-8-2007

RSS Duplicate Detection More on duplicates in RSS and how aggregators deal with the problem. (categories: aggregator rss guid duplication feeds syndication ) RSS: The GUID Problem The problem of duplicate items in RSS feeds explained. (categories: rss guid uniqueness … Continue reading

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