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Links: 11-27-2005

Paul Graham on Web 2.0 My favorite quote: “Basically, what ‘Ajax’ means is ‘Javascript now works.” (categories: ajax paul_graham quotes )

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I think it was my friend David that pointed me to a blog called slacktivist, but I don’t remember when or how. Fred Clark, the author of that blog, recently attended the memorial service for his friend, Dwight Ozard, who … Continue reading

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Links: 11-24-2005

Test Run: Home A cool tool for QA people: free for single users, also a hosted or a downloadable versions. (categories: php qa software testing ) » Radiohead — Me And This Arm Radiohead mashup. (categories: mashed radiohead )

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Links: 11-23-2005

Reading List: Fog Creek Software Management Training Program – Joel on Software Great list of books to read over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend…err… maybe the next 12 Thanksgiving holiday weekends. (categories: books software toread )

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Ruby on Rails in the Java community

Couple of months ago I attended the No Fluff Just Stuff conference up in Framingham, I took a bunch of notes which I intented to post to this blog, but never got around to it. The conference tag line is … Continue reading

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Links: 11-3-2005

Bogle’s Blog » Ruby On Spring JRuby, Spring, Hibernate, a different combination of some hot acronyms. (categories: hibernate jruby ruby spring ) REST on Rails How to use REST with Ruby on Rails. (categories: rails rest ruby xml )

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