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January P2P Journal links

Latest issue of P2P Journal is out, you can download the PDF here. Remaindered links from the article: Some Specific Projects in Collaborative Computing: Peer To Peer Working Group, “Bidirectional Peer-to-Peer Communication with Interposing Firewalls and NATs”: P2PWall … Continue reading

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Accessing ASP.NET DropDownList Items from Code behind

Couple days ago I was writing an ASP.NET webform and I wanted to programmatically inspect the items in the drop down. The drop down list in the ASP.NET page looks something like this: <asp:dropdownlist id=”mydropdown” class=”dropbox” runat=”server”>   <asp:listitem text=” — … Continue reading

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Northeast December Storm

Two weeks ago we got dumped on here in Boston (we got about 28 inches, although some parts of MA got more than 36 inches). Karen and I just moved down to Canton and we’re living right next to a … Continue reading

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developerWorks RSS feeds

The developerWorks team recently unveiled their new site using WebSphere Portal server, which you can read about here. As part of the new site, they’re now offering RSS feeds for all the articles here: Generally very high quality stuff. … Continue reading

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ASP.NET TextBox MultiLine Incorrect Documentation

[Update: The link to the TextBox class from the ASP.NET TextBox Web Server Control points to the Windows Forms TextBox, not the Web Controls TextBox. Balls!] If you’re running into trouble when using the TextBox class in ASP.NET, the MultiLine … Continue reading

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Indexing Database Content with Lucene & ColdFusion

Terry emailed me a couple days ago wondering how he could use ColdFusion and Lucene to index and then search a database table. Since we’re completely socked in here in Boston, I had nothing better to do today that hack … Continue reading

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Optimal number of arguments to a method or function

Bryan Hogan posted a thought provoking blurb a couple weeks ago where he postulated that passing a data structure as the parameter to a method is better than passing numerous parameters. Specifically, he said: “If you have more than say … Continue reading

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Why doesn’t ASP.NET include an <asp:query> tag?

Ray asked a great question a couple weeks ago that I meant to reply to but just never got around to it. He asked why ASP.NET doesn’t include an <asp:query> tag to enable developers to quickly embed SQL queries into … Continue reading

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