Northeast December Storm

Two weeks ago we got dumped on here in Boston (we got about 28 inches, although some parts of MA got more than 36 inches). Karen and I just moved down to Canton and we’re living right next to a pond, so I snapped a couple pictures of what it looked like after the storm:

Picture of the front of our new place after the big storm in December

Picture of the pond in our backyard during the day after the big storm

Picture of the pond in our backyard during the evening after the the big storm

The first is a picture of our front lawn, the ‘bumps’ on the right side of the picture are cars. The second two are pictures of the pond in our backyard, one taken in the morning and one snapped in the evening. I’m working out of our house right now, so I look right out onto this pond while I’m hacking. It’s beautiful. Click on the pictures for high-res shots if you’re one of those types.

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