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JavaOne 2003, here I come!

I get to go to JavaOne again this year. My bosses rock. Thanks guys! If you’re going and you wanna hang out, shoot me an email.

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Java Development with Eclipse

Sign up to get MEAP (Manning Early Access Program) to Java Development with Eclipse

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Comedy Weekend..

Had a great weekend… Friday night went to the Comedy Connection in Boston to hear Kevin Pollack, Saturday night went to Club Passim to hear Christopher Williams and yesterday I hit some more balls at Billy McGolf.

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How Java Web Servers Work has an article that describes how How Java Web Servers Work.

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I mentioned Lindex (described as a “… high performance, full-featured text search engine that allows developers to create document collections for easy indexing and quick searching” two days ago. After inspecting it a bit further, it looks like it offers … Continue reading

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Biological Computing

Jason Kottke and a couple other people blogged Eric Bonabeau’s talk on Biological Computing using Hydra. Biological computing is an amazing concept. Seems like we programmers spend 99% of our time creating ‘palaces of abstraction’; (to steal a phrase from … Continue reading

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The Day I Turned Uncool

Finished “The Day I Turned Uncool” [official site] [amazon]by Dan Zevin last night. Dan is from Jersey, now resides in Cambridge. 192 pages of fun. Read it if you’re starting to realize you’re not 21 anymore. On another (completely and … Continue reading

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The new DevNet Resource Kit on contains a utility called lindex (supposedly short for Lucene Index), allowing developers to create full text searching applications using ColdFusion on any platform that supports Java… very cool. I’m relatively certain it’s been … Continue reading

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Luhn formula

Need to validate a credit card number? Use the Luhn formula. “Based on ANSI X4.13, the LUHN formula (also known as the modulus 10 — or mod 10 — algorithm ) is used to generate and/or validate and verify the … Continue reading

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Hitting Balls

Took my first swings with the new clubs on Saturday and hit 3 buckets of balls. I had no idea what I was doing, hit probably 3/4 quarters of them straight…. left. Today I discovered about 350 new muscles, all … Continue reading

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