The Day I Turned Uncool

Finished “The Day I Turned Uncool” [official site] [amazon]by Dan Zevin last night. Dan is from Jersey, now resides in Cambridge. 192 pages of fun. Read it if you’re starting to realize you’re not 21 anymore.

On another (completely and totally unrelated) note, I started reading “Ghandi’s Truth: On The Origins Of Militant Nonviolence” [amazon] tonight, a book by Erik Erikson (a resident of Stockbridge here in MA for a time). It is described aptly in an Amazon review as “…an introduction to the challenges of poverty, religious difference, and ethnic tensions we all must accept and try to deal with as we head into the everchanging 21st century.

All this and I’m cognizant of Geoff’s post a couple days ago about Goog and off-topic posts. I really enjoy reading Goog and I think it’s a great tool (one obviously not written in a short weekend). I was not one of the people who emailed him complaining that there were too many posts not related to MX technology. With that said, I think that Goog’s primary benefit is not that I can see what things other people are doing with MX technology… Go subscribe to an email list if you want announcements, bug fixes and people talking about the nuances of the ‘this’ scope versus the variables scope or go get yourself a RSS reader and compile your own list of interesting blogs. I for one enjoy pseudo off-topic posts. Anywho…

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  1. heya.. I think *most* people enjoy off topic comments and anecdotes — it makes the whole Goog experience more human. The real problem I think has come about from the recent *warblogging* trend in some blogs. If only one in ten of blog posts are MX Technology related then Goog aggregation loses much of it’s value.

    It’s worth noting that when (and if) I introduce item level classifcation to the Goog — I *won’t* be removing posts — just giving punters the choice of filtering out some of the background noise.

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