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Flash Remoting & ColdFusion example

As part of our development process at work, we extensively use a bug tracking application I built about 1.5 years ago. Commonly, our QA team will rake through a site during and after the development process, entering bugs into this … Continue reading

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From the Editor this Month in Java Developers Journal: Thinlets. Download the sourcecode and compile/run the amazon app. Really fast, very useful, sweet. Flash might be faster (I’d be interested to see this sample app built in Flash), but just … Continue reading

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Ten Things to Do with IIS

Ten Things to Do with IIS [evolt]

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Hanneke Cassel

Saw Hanneke Cassel tonight @ Club Passim in Harvard Square. She was locked in like Barry Bonds on a 3-1 fastball.

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Bill Day

All you ever wanted to know about J2ME:

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ADA requirements

I’m working on a small consulting project for a local chemical company that wants to make sure that they meet ADA requirements. Looks like there are a ton of resources on the web regarding accessibility, here are a few I … Continue reading

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Amazon Web Services contest

Mike sent me a link to the contest that Amazon is putting on in conjunction with the launch of the version 2 of Amazon Web Services. This would be such a cool project to devote some time too. I think … Continue reading

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MLB Most Memorable Moment

MLB Most Memorable Moment, Cal Ripken’s consecutive game streak wins! (a moment? it lasted 16 years!)

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Java best practices

A wonderful collection of Java best practices.

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Terrorize your cat!

Buy a Roomba, terrorize your cat.

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