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RSS feed plugin

The RSS feed plugin is back (albeit w/ a new owner). Cool.

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A quote by Alfred Marshall

From Butterfly Economics, a quote by Alfred Marshall, an economist in the late 1800′s: “My only confident dogma in economics is that every short statement on a broad issue is inherently false.” Sounds like truth that should be applied outside … Continue reading

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“disgustingly happy”

Joe & Amy got engaged.

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Laszlo: rich internet applications

MINDSEYE was approached by a VC to evaluate this product a couple months ago, looks like they’re doing pretty well. The product itself (I’m sure I’m supposed to be under NDA w/ this, but whatever) is interesting in that you … Continue reading

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new cms book

Haven’t read it yet, but looks interesting. I think it’s interesting that there aren’t that many books on Content Management. Because it’s easy? Because it’s hard to define? Because it’s product specific? Who knows?

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summer gone?

Two weeks ago it was 93 degrees and humid… at night. Now it’s cool.. is summer over? Doc thinks so. Great quote: “Time flies when you’re having fun, yes; but the older you get, the faster it flies. Well, at … Continue reading

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artifact browser

Dave sent me this today.. it’s a combination NNTP reader, IM, web board, community web site app in .NET.

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macromedia devcon

so I *think* that I’m going to Devcon this year after missing last year.. And I just found out that Erik is going.. my boss’ll be there[speaking].. Maia will be there[speaking].. I’m thinking Tai will get to go too! Where … Continue reading

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butterfly economics

Currently reading Butterfly Economics: A New General Theory of Social and Economic Behavior. The books central central premise is that “… conventional economics is mistaken when it views the economy and society as a machine, whose behavior, no matter how … Continue reading

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jabber server installed

How fun is this! I had an hour free this afternoon so I read over the docs on installing the AIM transport for jabber. It took me about 3 hours, but I finally got the AIM transport compiled AND completely … Continue reading

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