Links: 3-16-2019

  • The Learning Community AMA: James Clear
    Great stuff to think about wrt friction and mindset around habits.
    (categories: habits purpose friction decision-making )

  • Childhood’s End |
    Quote: "The genius — sometimes deliberate, sometimes accidental — of the enterprises now on such a steep ascent is that they have found their way through the looking-glass and emerged as something else. Their models are no longer models. The search engine is no longer a model of human knowledge, it is human knowledge. What began as a mapping of human meaning now defines human meaning, and has begun to control, rather than simply catalog or index, human thought. No one is at the controls. If enou…
    (categories: ai computing culture )

  • OpenView Product Led Growth Playbook
    Summary: "1. The product market conditions are right for the strategy. 2. The value of the product is perceived by the user as being a unique “highest-value-product” that they want to use regularly. 3. The user realizes significant ongoing value quickly and easily with little-to-no help from company personnel. 4. The product “paywalls” follow, rather than lead, the actual value that the user receives and pricing scales as usage increases and more value is delivered. 5. The product has feature…
    (categories: strategy growth product-management )

  • Wardley Maps Explained & Canvassed on a Virtual Whiteboard
    Love the five factors for strategy and the need to try the map some time. Quote: "To Simon Wardley, the technique’s inventor, strategy can be described using Sun Tzu’s Five Factors: purpose, landscape, climate, doctrine and leadership. In that model, a wise leader has a moral imperative (a what and a why), grasps the terrain (has a map), anticipates the patterns of the forces acting on the environment, trains the organization in universally useful principles and makes shrewd decisions that lead …
    (categories: strategy analysis wardleymaps methods planning )

  • GitHub – snowplow/snowplow: Cloud-native web, mobile and event analytics, running on AWS and GCP
    Quote: "Snowplow is an enterprise-strength marketing and product analytics platform. It does three things: Identifies your users, and tracks the way they engage with your website or application Stores your users’ behavioural data in a scalable "event data warehouse" you control: in Amazon S3 and (optionally) Amazon Redshift or Postgres Lets you leverage the biggest range of tools to analyze that data, including big data tools (e.g. Spark) via EMR or more traditional tools e.g. Looker, Mode, Sup…
    (categories: analytics metrics opensource aws )

  • Re:Think Decision Making 2019 Annie Duke
    So much amazing stuff in here…the takedown of the Pats / Seahawks interception is brilliant… also touches on resulting, chess vs. poker as it relates to strategy and information asymmetries, decision making, disconfirmation bias, outside view vs. inside view (loved that), asking "how sure are you?", betting, risk profiles, etc..
    (categories: risk decision-making strategy poker football )

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