Links: 1-19-2018

  • swissmiss | The Need To Be Alone
    Quote: "By retreating into ourselves, it looks as if we are the enemies of others, but our solitary moments are in reality a homage to the richness of social existence. Unless we’ve had time alone, we can’t be who we would like to be around our fellow humans. We won’t have original opinions. We won’t have lively and authentic perspectives. We’ll be – in the wrong way – a bit like everyone else."
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One thought on “Links: 1-19-2018”

  1. Did you click through? This rings so true for me – explains why even some extroverts need alone time. Good stuff.

    “We, the ones who are asphyxiated without periods by ourselves, take other people very seriously… We listen closely to stories, we give ourselves to others, we respond with emotion and empathy. But as a result, we cannot keep swimming in company indefinitely.”

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