What I did this weekend: 05/24/2015

  • Saturday: ran errands, visited the Columbia employee store where they were having a Memorial Day weekend sale with some cool rock climbing walls outside for the little dudes and face painting inside (if you’re into that kind of thing). Smallest dude made it halfway up the 40 foot wall, super fun, made me think I need to buy a portable rock wall.
  • Sunday: drove out to Manzanita to hang out with family, made a couple of dutch oven recipes (BBQ chicken and berry cobbler) for dinner after playing at the beach for hours. Beautiful day at the coast after the clouds burned off.
  • Monday: got rid of an old stove and an old trash compactor in about 30 minutes on Craigslist (amazing how quickly free stuff disappears), found the old chicken flock a new “home” (guessing they’ll actually be eaten) on Craigslist as well, cleaned out the old coop, lined it with rocks, lunch at Five Guys and then made some corn bread in the dutch oven in addition to an amazing potato salad out of Bon Appetit and a kale / avocado salad from the CSA we’re a part of for dinner.

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