Links: 7-23-2014

  • Microsoft’s New CEO Needs An Editor | Monday Note
    Loved the hierarchy of ideas of graph, quote: "The top layer deals with the Identity or Culture — I use the two terms interchangeably as one determines the other. One level down, we have Goals, where the group is going. Then come the Strategies or the paths to those goals. Finally, we have the Plan, the deployment of troops, time, and money."
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  • Hierarchy of ideas | Chunking | NLP
    More on the hierarchy of ideas, this time as it relates to conflict, quote: "In NLP we learn to use this hierarchy of ideas and chunking to assist others in overcoming their problems, we use it to improve our communication skills (so we understand how others are thinking and how we are creating our own problems). We use it to discover the deep structure behind peoples thinking and the words that they are using."
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