Links: 7-4-2014

  • Six things I wish we had known about scaling — Martin Kleppmann’s blog
    quote: "The kind of system I’m talking about is the data backend of a consumer web/mobile app with a million users (order of magnitude). At the scale of Google, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter (hundreds of millions of users), you’ll have an entirely different set of problems, but you’ll also have a bigger team of experienced developers and operations people around you. The mid-range scale of about a million users is interesting, because it’s quite feasible for a small startup team to get there with some luck and good marketing skills. If that sounds like you, here are a few things to keep in mind."
    (categories: architecture devops scalability databases postgres mysql )

  • Interacting with a World of Connected Objects — Product Club — Medium
    Lots of interesting thinking about IoT and giving said objects personalities. Loved the sample house conversation between the motion sensor, gatekeeper, dishwasher and roomba. Also, the questions you should be able to ask of your devices: a) where are you? b) who owns you? c) what are you currently doing? d) what have you done in the past? e) how much power are you using? have you used? f) how are you currently doing? et…
    (categories: iot robots home devices )

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