Links: 2-20-2011

  • Measure Anything, Measure Everything « Code as Craft
    Quote: "If Engineering at Etsy has a religion, it’s the Church of Graphs. If it moves, we track it. Sometimes we’ll draw a graph of something that isn’t moving yet, just in case it decides to make a run for it. In general, we tend to measure at three levels: network, machine, and application."
    (categories: metrics monitoring statistics stats nodejs graphite graphing infoviz reporting )

  • Faq – Graphite
    Graphite is actually a bit of a niche application. Specifically, it is designed to handle numeric time-series data. For example, Graphite would be good at graphing stock prices because they are numbers that change over time. However Graphite is a complex system, and if you only have a few hundred distinct things you want to graph (stocks prices in the S&P 500) then Graphite is probably overkill. But if you need to graph a lot of different things (like dozens of performance metrics from thousands of servers) and you don’t necessarily know the names of those things in advance (who wants to maintain such huge configuration?) then Graphite is for you.
    (categories: python graphing monitoring )

  • First, care. | 43 Folders
    Quotes: "Anonymous asked: ‘How do you maintain focus (on work, dreams, goals, life)?’ –> You do one thing at a time." and "Before you sweat the logistics of focus: first, care. Care intensely."
    (categories: attention focus productivity culture )

  • Building Products for Mass Adoption | Both Sides of the Table
    Quote: "Design for the novice, configure for the power user – ….  It’s my view and not necessarily accepted wisdom.  But I shout it from mountain tops.  Technology products that want mass adoption should be designed for novice users.  ”Normals” as Chris calls them.  Products need to be blindingly simple.  You take your User Persona and try to see the product through their eyes, not yours."
    (categories: normals techies product-design ux muggles )

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