Links: 6-21-2009

  • Exploring the 2010 Web
    Summarized: it’s 1) real time, 2) mobile, 3) decentralized, 4) made out of pre-made blocks, 5) social, 6) smart and 7) made from hybrid parts.
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  • ongoing · The Internet’s Payload
    Quote: "…And by the way, I’d rather have the text of Clay’s speech than the video. For things that matter, written words are unambiguously better than speech. To start with, anything that matters isn’t just written, it’s usually rewritten repeatedly (and more important, condensed). Plus, it has hyperlinks. Plus, it’s smaller and cheaper to ship around. Plus, it’s searchable. Plus, it works on more devices. (I acknowledge that only the first of these is fundamental; but that alone would be enough)."

    Totally agree, in fact I looked for the transcript link (doesn’t exist) on the Ted / Clay Shirky talk he mentions in this blog post tonight before reading this post, doesn’t have one.
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