Links: 10-15-2008

  • Yahoo! Releases OpenID Research (Yahoo! Developer Network Blog)
    Quote: "Now the bad news. None of the users had heard of OpenID before, and none of them even noticed the OpenID sign-in box displayed below the traditional email/password login form on the site. In many cases, the test subjects entered their Yahoo email address and Yahoo password to try to log in. We had told the test subjects that they could sign into the site using their Yahoo! account without having to register."
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  • Rands In Repose: The Culture Chart
    Quote: "Unlike the org chart, you’re not going to find the culture chart written down anywhere. It doesn’t exist. The culture chart is an unwritten representation of the culture of your company and understanding it answers big questions that you must know: * What does this organization value? * Who created this value system? * Given this value system, who contributes high value? * Who is most aware of how value is being created?"
    (categories: strategy software culture value )

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