instantFeeds 1.0.3

New version of instantFeeds: version 1.0.3. It includes a two new features: you can now turn off your notifications by sending the command ‘off’ (kind of like an out of office feature) and turn them back on by sending the command ‘on’ and the notification you get sent now includes an approximately 255 character summary of the latest item. Additionally, I fixed the package naming (Wildfire recently had to change it’s name to Openfire and all the package names had to be updated as well) issues.

As always, you can check out the release notes, the source repository or just skip to the good parts and download the plugin.

2 thoughts on “instantFeeds 1.0.3”

  1. Hi Aaron,

    I have installed 1.0.5 of instantFeeds, it responds to help, subscribe commands bu does not like any of my RSS feeds. Always comes back with ‘does not appear to be a valid feed.’ Nothing in the logfiles. and I’m able to surf to the rss feed in IE without any problems.

    Any idea?


  2. Hi Aaron,

    I think I’m getting a 407, what can I do to get thru the firewall proxy. Is there a way to specify user and password for the proxy un the url that’s passed to instantfeeds?


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