Using Outlook 2007 as a RSS aggregator: Not so much

I installed the 60 day preview of Office 2007 a couple days ago to try out some of the blogging / RSS features it included. Publishing from Word 2007 to a blog via the MetaWeblog API? Works pretty well (but seriously, Word to create a blog post?). Outlook 2007 to read feeds? I wouldn’t recommend it. First, I exported all 251 of the feeds I subscribe to using Bloglines as an OPML file and then imported those into Outlook, that part worked great… reading posts worked great. Now because I’m just testing I want to delete all these. I start looking for the ‘manage your subscriptions’ button / option. None exist. I try the multi-select using CTRL-CLICK. No luck. So I have to hand delete 251 feeds. But wait, it gets better. Some of the feeds I apparently don’t have permission to delete (view image) even though I created the subscription! I’m sure it’s a bug (since the documentation says you can use CTRL-CLICK to delete), but it sure would be nice to be able to have a full view / window that gives you the ability to manage all your feeds in one place.

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