Email to Instant Message Gateway

It’s wicked cold this weekend in Massachusetts so I stayed inside and had some fun with Apache James and Smack (an open source library for communicating with XMPP servers from Jive Software). See, I was looking over this page of Mailet ideas on the Apache James wiki and I saw two different people wanting instant message notification of email delivery. Having spent some time writing a custom mailet or two recently and having been recently reminded of the very cool Smack library, it turned out to be relatively easy to snap the two together to make an email to instant messaging gateway. I don’t want to bore you with the details, so I posted a full description, including installation / configuration instructions, source code and binaries over on my projects page. Enjoy!

One thought on “Email to Instant Message Gateway”

  1. Just had to say what an incredibly cute picture that is.

    I read your blog and have been blogging some of your entries including the one on Calendar creation VS Date creation and re-using objects.

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