Sunset Pictures From A Beach Walk

About 3 miles from our home in Mattapoisett is this great piece of land donated by Paul Munn, now called the Munn Preserve. Chris and Sara introduced us to it a couple months back as a great place to take the dog and it is. Jazz (our labrador retriever) goes bananas when we turn onto the road that leads to the beach. Sometimes I think I enjoy it more than she does though. I took a couple pictures of the walk 2 weekends ago; it was near freezing, but the sun was setting just as we got to the beach (there’s about a 1/2 mile walk through the woods to get to the beach), which, with the sunset, painted pictures of the most amazing color:

It must have gotten really cold one night because there were these huge chunks of ice that washed up on shore; the only way I couldl describe them to Karen was ‘scalloped potatoes’:
And then there was this sunset:
which, if I had to choose a favorite color… well I’d pick all of them. All of these pictures made possible by Jazz, who won’t sit still long enough to get a picture of her:
You can view the entire set (good and bad) here.

4 thoughts on “Sunset Pictures From A Beach Walk”

  1. i love it! the developer gets a camera and now the blog is not only full of java code but also amazing drooling dog pictures. ah, seriously, the sunset looks beautiful, nice job. next time take my dog (Lucy) too!

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