Lucene Hit Highlighter

A couple months ago I was looking to use a library that Mark Harwood wrote called the Lucene Hit Highlighter. His hosting company closed his account so the library wasn’t available at the time (he was kind enough to send me the libary via email), but for anyone who cares, you can visit the Lucene Sandbox and view the CVS repository for it now. has a great article that explains it all as well.

6 thoughts on “Lucene Hit Highlighter”

  1. I’m kind of stuck in the same problem as you are — would you happen to have Mark’s contact info now, so that I could get a copy of tha library? I snagged it from CVS but it’s missing the QueryHighlightExtractor class and there seems to be no sign of this class anywhere on the net.

  2. Could anyone make a simple JAR/jar-SRC to download? My cie firewall forbide me to connect to a CVS server…



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