Hibernate: Non object retrieval

Hibernate has significantly reduced the amount of time I’ve spent on the writing and maintaining SQL in the applications I’m working on. Because it exists to map data from Java classes to database tables and back, there aren’t alot of examples on the site if you need to get non object data out of the database (for instance if you’re doing reporting on the existing data). That’s not to say that it’s not possible! Given a Query object, call the list() method and then iterate over the resulting List. Calling the get() method on the list results in an array of Objects (which is analogous to a row returned from a resultset). Then you’ll just need to retrieve the appropriate element of the array given your SQL query (where the order of the items in your ‘SELECT ..’ SQL query determines the order in which the objects are returned in the Object[]).

// .. code to create a Query object
List list = q.list();
for (int i=0; i
If you're having trouble finding out the Java type of the element in a row, I've found Hibern8IDE to be an excellent help in running, testing and debugging Hibernate queries.

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