Migrating from ColdFusion to ASP.NET

Microsoft has put together an extensive article for developers migrating from CFMX to ASP.NET, including a pretty fair feature comparison chart. Probably the most obvious thing that the feature comparison table lacks is the mention of the close integration of Java with CFMX, in fact it says this:

It can also access Java class libraries with some extra work.

which is true and false… it requires extra work in the same way that it requires extra work to compile a C# file to an assembly, place the assembly in the /bin/ folder of the application and then import that assemblies namespace into an ASP.NET page.

Nonetheless, check it out if you have worked with CFMX before and are just getting started with ASP.NET.

7 thoughts on “Migrating from ColdFusion to ASP.NET”

  1. I’ll point out that he is indeed the one and same. I happened to drop him an email just the other day to ask, and to also ask if he might be able to update that article (now a year old) to reference BlueDragon/.NET.

    If Aaron will pardon a momentary clarifiction for those who haven’t heard, New Atlanta will be offering an edition of BlueDragon to run your CFML code natively on .NET servers (just as we and MM both offer ways to run CFML natively on .J2EE). I already have an alpha of the .NET edition on my machine, so it’s not smoke and mirrors. We expect a public beta in a couple of months.

    (Disclosure: I’m CTO of new Atlanta, makers of BlueDragon. And yes, in case someone would ask as te next question, we WILL have MX-level features in that edition, and indeed in all our additions in coming weeks. Stay tuned to newatlanta.com/bluedragon/.)

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