http traffic debugging

Joe commented that he uses ethereal as an aid in debugging networked applications, I’ve also used ieHTTPHeaders and I read about livehttpheaders for you mozilla users out there. ethereal is like drinking from a fire hose, you definitely need to setup filters for the data to become information. It looks almost exactly like Network Monitor, the big difference being that ethereal runs on about 23(!) different operating systems. ieHTTPHeaders and livehttpheaders is really only useful for http traffic, but are both much easier to get information out of quickly.

Articles from JDJ

Couple good articles in JDJ this month:

JavaServer Faces: “Developing interesting and effective Java Web applications requires simple, robust, and manageable frameworks and the tools that complement them.” — I read the article and tried to keep up… JSF is NOT simple.

Design Patterns: Java Value Types: “They’re used to transport and adapt an entity’s state between components of a system or to and from other formats, such as XML.

Convenience Apps: “What is a killer app for J2ME?“: If he knew, he wouldn’t be writing for a magazine. 🙂

Server-Side Flash Detection Using BrowserHawk @ DEVNET

I wrote an article for Macromedia Devnet which was just published today! Check it out here: Server-Side Flash Detection Using BrowserHawk. If you’ve never used BrowserHawk before, it’ll be a good introduction. However, if you’ve used it with ColdFusion, you should definitely read it, I was able to use BrowserHawk 4J (the Java version) with CFMX rather than using the ASP bridge (which was and is required if you want to access the extended properties of BrowserHawk in versions of ColdFusion prior to MX).

I should thank Shena at my work for bringing it up as an option (she contacted Macromedia originally), thanks Shena!