Nokia 3650

Russell posted an extra long description of why he wants the Nokia 3650 on Mobitopia. This phone seems to be the next ‘big one’, Jeremy Allaire’s got one as well… It’s got everything my phone has, plus video recording, plus camera, plus memory expandability, plus Java MIDP 1.0, plus Symbian. By the way, my phone, the Sony Ericsson T68i, don’t bother, it gets absolutely horrible reception (either that or T-Mobile sucks). It drops just about every call I’m on, I frequently miss calls and I frequently have no service. Not happy about that at all. Maybe I can convince the wife that I need a 3650 as well.

In some sense I guess I’m getting what I deserve: I dropped Sprint after 2.5 years of great service for a phone that had all the gizmos, only to find out that the one thing I really want to do on the phone is uh… make phone calls.

HTTP Testing Tools

After Ray mentioned the CFUnit Testing Components from the DRK today in our development meeting, we got around to talking about automated testing of websites. David mentioned httpunit as one option (you can see a couple examples of how it might be used here). Looks like Cactus might also be an option, althought it appears to be Java specific and aimed more at the testing of the components of a website (EJBs, Taglibs, Servlets) rather than the end result (HTML). Does anyone have any experience with these tools? Do you use other tools?