Eclipse SSH Plugin

If you use Eclipse, check out this SSH plugin from eclipse plugins: Eclipse SSH Console. Download, unzip, restart Eclipse and then go to Window –> Show View –> Other –> Eclipse SSH Console. One less window I have to have open now when developing.

Also very cool and somewhat related is the Eclipse Tail tool, described as: “… tail for eclipse (like the tail unix command). You can set keywords and your logs will be colorized under 5/6 levels : no matches, debug, info, warn, error, fatal; like in log4J.”

3 thoughts on “Eclipse SSH Plugin”

  1. hi, do you, or anyone reading this, know of a plugin for eclipse for vbscript in terms of the function outlines to the left of the editing area?

    I have a great javascript plugin as well as php, etc but to do ASP at work I have to use vbscript – help appreciated

  2. The plugin is quiet slow, I am not sure if this is due to the network or the plug-in. Have you heard of other performance complains ?

    Also, do you plan on providing support for regular Telnet ?

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