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Spent the last four days going to, in and traveling from Toronto. We (Karen, myself and a resident alien, true life Canadian Allison King [note Allison has not left any other mark on the web except this PDF file that she is a part of]) left early Thursday morning, arrived 9 short hours later at my temporary condo. Had a fine Thanksgiving dinner at Movenpick, a restaurant in Yorkville, which could be described as the Newbury Street of Boston. Exhausted, we retired early to be ready for Friday, when we…

a) took an elevator up 114 stories to the top of the CN Tower, the tallest structure in the world. Stood on the glass floor. Sat on the glass floor. Wow.

b) Had lunch at the Hard Rock in the Skydome. I’m a Hard Rock pin collector, so we had to go here just to get a pin, plus I’d love to see as many baseball stadiums as I possibly can. No baseball, but we could see the field. I *saw*, but didn’t go into, the other Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto. 🙁 [note: I’ve got 17 Hard Rock pins so far… Hong Kong, Kowloon, Beijing, Amsterdam, Washington DC, Baltimore, NYC, Skydome, Paris, Vegas, Los Angeles, Seoul, London, Memphis, Lake Tahoe, and Newport Beach. Maybe I should get the Boston one soon. ]

c) shopping at the Eaton Centre (remember, I’m with 2 girls on the day after Thanksgiving, I didn’t have a choice)

d) nap

e) dinner at the Green Papaya (great Thai food!)

f) saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding (for the second time)

g) fabulous crepes at Golden Griddle

and then Saturday when we…

a) toured the Casa Loma castle

b) had lunch at Harvey’s (supposedly the best burgers in Canada, eh?)

c) napped..

d) went to Ikea (what? why you ask? who knows…)

e) late dinner and drinks at the Duke of York, a wonderful Irish pub near U of T. Had my first Caffrey’s.

and finally… Sunday (today), we drove the normally 9 hour drive in approximately 12 hours due to snow, hail, numerous traffic jams due to pile-ups, and Thanksgiving traffic. I’m exhausted. Pictures? Coming soon..

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  1. I have an addition – between lunch at Harvey’s and nap on Saturday we walked around the University of Toronto’s beautiful campus and saw the peacock shaped library.

    Also of note is to order french fries at Harvey’s and cover with vinegar, salt and pepper. Delicious!

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