Cool apps..


· TinderBox: a ‘personal’ content management system, maybe the child of Groove and a blog. By the way, have you checked out Groove? I’m really impressed. The application has almost everything in it that I do with various web applications we use internally at work (ie: project management, document review, design comp review, IM, discussion, sketching, note taking, meetings, shared whiteboard…), I tried to get some sparks flying at work about it but no one bit… plus it *hogs* memory.

· connectedland: an interesting essay on convergence of computer and device and the implications that convergence brings our society

· freegorifero: another interesting blog

and I’m not sure why I find this amazing, but isn’t it cool that you can comment and presumably communicate with a guy like Steven Johnson via his blog? It’s one thing to read someone’s book, it’s another to read their book and then be able to read what their thinking about AND shoot’em an email (or a comment) if you think they’re way off. Pretty cool.

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