weekend starts today

next birthday I want this. If you think it’s science fiction, check out the movie. Amazing. Can I add it to my Amazon wishlist?

took the day off today, so my weekend starts today. I’m working outta my wife’s office because our house doesn’t have A/C and it’s sticky hot outside.

Ben Forta wrote an article on CF that showed up on meerkat & xml.com (i’m assuming because it mentioned XML). Notice that they’re running CFMX, an Access database, and no error handling. Poor, poor development practices. Come on guys!

What an interesting movement this is (found here). The mailling list lives here.

One thought on “weekend starts today”

  1. Ahh, you’ve hit on one of my major frustrations. The ColdFusion Developer’s journal touts itself as being the high and mighty authority on ColdFusion, yet their site is probably one of the worst media sites I’ve ever seen.

    Normally, I’d simply ignore them, but because Ben Forta (the “defacto” “guru”) on CF uses them for all his articles, they represent CF in a way, in a BAD way. Frustrating!

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