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Angels vs. Giants

Watching the World Series, Angels vs. Giants. Tonight featured Russ Ortiz against Kevin Appier, both of whom where showering before the 2nd inning was over. I knew that I played against Russ in high school (he played for Montclair Prep), in fact he threw a no-no against us. Found out that Brad Fullmer went to high school with Russ, so I played against him too. Baseball is fun, but there sure is alot less pressure hacking than there is hitting a 98 mph fastball in front of 50,000 people in the stands and millions of fans watching on television.

leaf peeping

Took off yesterday (Saturday) to do what all good New Englanders do: leaf peeping. We (Craig, Kristen, Karen and myself) drove up to Franconia Notch State Park, home of the Flume Gorge, the Old Man of the Mountain and close to Kancamagus Highway.

We hiked the short 1.4 mile hike up into the Flume Gorge while taking a bunch of pictures of things like the Flume Covered Bridge, beautiful rock formations, breathtaking fall colors, and stunning waterfalls. This is my favorite picture. No wait! Maybe this one is. Or maybe this one… 🙂

After looking at leaves on the Flume Gorge trail, you have to look at leaves while you’re driving, because it’s all about the leaves. So then we drove to see the Old Man of the Mountain and snapped this picture, which doesn’t do the Old Man justice, but get a New Hampshire quarter if you want to see him up close.

We ended our leaf peeping day by ‘gorging’ (ha ha!) ourselves @ Horse Feathers in Conway, NH. Conway is described as the “… hub of outlet shopping in tax-free New Hampshire”, a sentence which should strike fear into the heart of any knowledgeable husband.