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Back to school…

currently blogging from a dorm room at Elmira College where Karen and I are helping Julie get setup for her sophomore year. I got to install the computers!

Couple interesting things about the city of Elmira, NY:

a) Tommy Hilfiger got his start here.

[updated] b) Mark Twain wrote his best books just up the hill from Elmira College [source].

c) um yeah… nothing more.

I spent 10 minutes poking around Elmira’s network… Elmira College uses Imail as their web-based email tool… along w/ some templates from HKSI. Students login to the campus network whereupon a batch script of some kind is run (presumably setting up IP/security stuff) which gives them a mapped drive to store data on some server, which I thought was cool. You don’t have to worry about your PC/laptop crashing because you can always backup homework or papers to your mapped drive and maybe more importantly, you can access your homework/term papers from any computer on the campus. Wow have campus networks have changed since I’ve graduated (and it’s only been 5 years!) Oh yeah, and each student gets their own website (none of which appear to be available publicly).

How come the faculty don’t have their own sites! How cool would it be to be able to read about what your professor is currently researching or thinking about?!

Laszlo: rich internet applications

MINDSEYE was approached by a VC to evaluate this product a couple months ago, looks like they’re doing pretty well. The product itself (I’m sure I’m supposed to be under NDA w/ this, but whatever) is interesting in that you write your Laszlo code using a Laszlo flavor of XML, save it and then the Laszlo engine compiles it into a .swf. So instead of firing up your Flash MX editor to create a SWF, you can use a text editor. If you’re interested in rich internet applications, check out the demo.

new cms book

Haven’t read it yet, but looks interesting. I think it’s interesting that there aren’t that many books on Content Management. Because it’s easy? Because it’s hard to define? Because it’s product specific? Who knows?