What I did this weekend: 09/28/2014

  • Train into London on Saturday, then tubed it to St. Paul’s Cathedral, found a geocache at the top of the dome, lunch at a burger place next door and then tubed it to the Diana Memorial Playground or as the dudes call it, The Pirate Ship playground.
  • Got tickets for the Reading vs Wolverhampton Wanderers football match for all of us. Got to the pitch early… walked in the gate… went to our seats. Got settled. Went to get food. Cash only. No ATM’s inside the building. Tried to get out… can’t get out until halftime. Went out a bit after halftime to get ice cream for the little dudes (only way to convince them to attend a game, promise ice cream). Vendors inside the stadium have no ice cream (????), walked outside… ice cream that was outside is now gone. I miss a goal. Walk back inside cursing England, watch rest of game. Home team scores in the 88th minute to tie, fun! Takes 1 hour to get out of the stadium, no fun. Pub on the way home. Beer. Find 2 geocaches (1,2) with the boys on a cool woodlands trail right next to the pub. All is good in the world.
  • No long run this weekend because my left calf hurts, not sure what I did to it last week, probably need to incorporate stretching into the workouts.

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