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Links: 11-28-2006

Cool Apple Software list Need to read… (categories: toread tools software osx mac apple ) Paul Kedrosky’s Infectious Greed: Realtime Parking Data in Santa Monica Quote: “As I have written here (too) many times, the theme for 2007 remains realtime. … Continue reading

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Mac modifier keys

Posting this here for my own use: ⌘/Apple/Command: This is known as the “Command” key, as in “press Command-q to quit.” This can be used to access most major menu items by pressing the key combination listed next to those … Continue reading

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Links: 11-27-2006

Techcrunch » Blog Archive » The Six Biggest New Ideas In Chat Not sure that many of these ideas are ‘new’, but worth a read anyway. (categories: IM chat social innovation collaboration location ) USB Laser Guided Missile Launcher Seriously. … Continue reading

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Links: 11-20-2006

Google Video – Video Search [techtalks] Techtalks feed. (categories: techtalks google video presentations )

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Links: 11-19-2006

Kill (Unix) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I’ved used ‘kill 123′ and ‘kill -HUP 123′, but leared today about ‘kill -KILL 123′. Also see ‘Activity Monitor’ on OS X and ‘Task Manager’ on Windows. (categories: murdering processes kill unix sysadmin … Continue reading

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Links: 11-16-2006

Boston slang – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I worked in the Leather district (near Southie) for a couple years. I only got pulled over by a statie twice, once for banging an illegal left turn and once for speeding on … Continue reading

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Using Lucene and MoreLikeThis to show Related Content

If you read this blog, you probably paid a smidgen of attention to the Web 2.0 Conference held last week in San Francisco. Sphere was one of the companies that presented and they launched a product called the “Sphere It … Continue reading

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ROME, custom modules, publishdate and RSS

At work, I’ve taken on the work of migrating our RSS feeds currently being produced using JSP to ROME. Since we’ve added a few custom elements to the feeds available in Jive Forums (things like message and thread counts), I’m … Continue reading

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Links: 11-4-2006

Optimizing Page Load Time – An in-depth look at HTTP connections, pipelining, caching and optimization. (categories: http pipelining caching cache optimization performance browser tuning network javascript css images ) Scott Rosenberg’s Wordyard » Blog Archive » Crash in Iraq; … Continue reading

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Guys Weekend

I flew down to Los Angeles last weekend to be with my dad and my brother as part of our first annual guys weekend. My brother picked me up at LAX on Friday night and we drove to Mojave to … Continue reading

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